If you have questions about something you have written in English and are not sure if you have done it correctly, just send it to Correct&Go!

Correct&Go! is an added service where students can send in assignments or documents IN ENGLISH to be evaluated before turning them in. The assignments must be sent at least 24 hours before they are due. They will be corrected by one of our English professors and returned to the student with explanations of their mistakes. It’s a great tool for learning and will help the students to feel more confident about their writing.


If you are preparing for an upcoming speaking assignment, interview or exam, Speak&Go! is another added service that can help you to become more confident in your ability to speak comfortably in English. Students can send in a video of their speaking which will be reviewed by one of our professors. It will be returned within 24 hours with an accompanying video giving tips to improve their speaking skills. It is guaranteed to help students become more successful!


– Correction of written English material by professionals.

– Personal feedback with suggestions.

– Quick response.

– Useful way to improve your writing.

– Professional speaking evaluation.

– Video feedback.

– Preparation for oral assingments.

Improve your presentation!